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V23 Wi-Fi Color Wind Speed Weather System with Rain Gauge Sensor

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A familiar design with enhancements at every level, the V23 Wi-Fi Wind Speed + Weather System is sure to impress. The included wireless Temp/Humidity and Glide Pro Sensors offer accurate outdoor readings, while the high-definition display provides indoor conditions as well as at-a-glance access to AccuWeather forecast information, add-on sensors, internet time and date, and more. You can even set custom alerts, share devices with family and friends, add additional sensors, and track all your data points anytime, anywhere, using the La Crosse View app on your mobile device. Step up your home’s tech with the convenient, easy-to-use V23 Wi-Fi Wind Speed + Weather System.

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V23 Wi-Fi Color Wind Speed Weather System
V23 Rain Bundle
V23 Today&
V23 with Rain Gauge Sensor
V23 Rain Bundle
V23 Right side of display
V23 works with La Crosse View App
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V23 Wi-Fi Color Wind Speed and Weather System


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From our professional weather stations to our most basic thermometers, every product is designed, developed, tested, and used by our team of weather enthusiasts. Our small town team takes pride in the quality and value of every product we produce. Our faithful commitment to our customers helps us continuously develop user-friendly products and provide excellent customer service.

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Our market leading wireless weather products make it easier than ever to receive up-to-the-minute weather data & alerts.

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Our dedication to precision and reliability sets us apart from our competition. Our strict standards ensure that we are delivering the most accurate weather data available.

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From USB charging to Bluetooth capabilities to Wi-Fi connectablity, our product line is constantly being developed to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

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All of our atomic products are calibrated daily by the National Institute of Standards and Technology to ensure we are delivering the most precise time to our customers.

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